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We believe in doing SEO the right way for long term results. DMNetSolutions offers affordable Organic SEO Services for small businesses that really work. Your SEO strategy should never be a trick to beat the system. It should be a sustainable long-term effort, using strategies that the Search Engines are looking for and seeing your ranking and visibilty increase, resulting in more traffic. Using tricks in order to fit Google’s algorithm only works for a short time and eventually catches up to you with a negative result. Google’s mission is to organize content and information and make it globally accessible and useful to the public. Google wants to give their users the best result for a specific keyword possible. If you want to rank for a particular keyword, you need to work at being the best over your competitors. It cannot be done by copying someone elses content and it takes work.

Organic SEO Services

This means maintaining a focus on technical excellence, a good user experience, flawless website security, and unique quality content for your visitor. You should focus on all the aspects of website optimization in order to get the best result possible. Many website owners have most of the proper elements on their website but don't have them correctly optimized to realize any benefits.

Many website owners have most of the proper elements on their website but don't have them correctly optimized to realize any benefits. So frustration sets in and they just leave their website set.

Get A FREE Website SEO Analysis

Find out what issues on your website that may be causing your site not to rank well with Google. Google has specific requirements that they look for when they rank your website. On-Site SEO is the first step. If you don't have everything optimized and correct, those issues will keep your site ranking down regardless of what you do off-site. We will provide a complete analysis of your site and send you a comprehensive report of things that need addressed. We also tell you where your rankings currently stand. There is no obligation and no cost for this service. Contact us today with your website link and we will have your report within 24 hrs.

Organic SEO Ranking Building Services Start at $299/mo $200/mo.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are offering a reduced rate for our Organic SEO package, in an effort to help businesses get on their feet and improve their success. For a limited time this service is discounted to $200/mo. To receive this discount, simply contact us directly by email or call 239.230.2032.

Below is a list of deliverables included in the Organic SEO Services. We also do Google Ads and optimization if interested. Call us for details of any of these services.

One-Time On Site SEO Optimization only $500 $375

If you would like to have a one-time "On Site Optimization" to get your website, images, meta tags and more optimized for the Search Engines like Google and Bing, then this is the SEO service for you. This price include up to 10 pages on your website. Call for pricing if your website is larger than 10 pages. This services includes all the on-site website optimization services below except the monthly services, link building or reporting.

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Monthly Organic SEO Service Deliverables

Website Optimization

Keyword Research relevant to your business category
Plagiarism Checking
Optimize Title Tags, Meta Description, Keywords and Image Alt Tags
Setup & Optimize Robots.txt & XML Sitemap setup
Anchor text & link optimization
Optimize website load speed (images, css, scripts)
Website Performance & Up/Downtime Monitoring
New Page Suggestions
Weekly Website Software Updates, Monthly Backup
Dead link monitoring and repair

Rank Building & Reports

Competitor Analysis
Site submission up to 20 Search Engines
Business Profile Creation on Google/Bing (if applicable)
20 Manually Submitted Business Directories
2 Blog postings per month (400+ words)
Social Media Optimization & Postings
Business Listing Corrections on Web
Press Release submittion
Google Analytics Setup/Monitoring
Monthly reports on all services sent to your email

SEO Disclaimer

***Note: DMNetSolutions does not make any specific false claims for ranking like most SEO companies do (beware of these!). However all of our clients have seen dramatic increases in Search Engine position and many on the first page of Google in their business category and this in turn results in more web traffic to your website, which will eventually result in more business. Also some business categories have more competition than others to get to the first page so the time involved getting first page position will vary. Using the wrong keywords or keyword stuffing (spamming) can be devistating. It's something that cannot be a random guess. We have the SEO tools to choose the best keywords for your website. With any business marketing plan, your website marketing should be only one small part of your business marketing effort. The more marketing resources you utilize, the better your chances are for success.

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