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New Website Design Includes

Customized template based website design (WordPress platform for those desiring a CMS interface) or HTML design including Logo integration, custom graphics designed to fit site and color scheme designed around client marketing schemes and colors and Includes professional stock Photos for the Banners and graphic design. Any personal photos must be provided and sent to an online “Drop Box” or on a thumb drive or email.


The Website will have the following feature:__________________________________________________________________________________________________.


The website will be a “Responsive” design compatible with all devices: PC, Mobile Devices, Tablets, etc. /li> All “New content" for each desired page must be provided in a Word Document or Email and must be provided before content insertion begins. If content cannot be provided in the above format and requires us to hand type content from printed material, an additional fee of our normal hourly rate will be billed with a 1 hour minimum.


Content & Change Requests

All “New” content for each desired page must be provided by the customer before production begins or with-in a timely manor. If content cannot be provided in the above format and requires us to hand type content from printed material, an additional fee of our normal hourly rate of $65/hr will be billed with a 1 hour minimum.


*All content/change requests must be submitted in a Word document or thru Email. No verbal content will be accepted.


On-Site SEO best practices in content positioning and design, image optimization, meta tags, and website submission to all the major search engines and/or web directories once the site is launched. (External off-site SEO requires SEO plan)


Our desire is to provide all our clients with a website that they are happy with, in both design and functionality. But we will try to guide the client and make recommendations that will ultimately give you the most professional appearance online and perform well with the Search Engines.


Once the site is completed the client will review for content accuracy, functionality and design. Changes/tweaks will be performed at that time. Our desire is to provide all our clients with a website that they are happy with. But we will try to guide the client and make recommendations that will ultimately give you the most professional appearance online and perform well with the Search Engines. Upon receipt of an email of “Approval to Launch” you are signifying you have reviewed the site and it is satisfactory for launch.


Transfer fee may incur if client wants Hosting on their own hosting account. (Godaddy, HostGator, etc) and the balance must be paid in full before transfer. ***This proposal doesn’t include monthly support/maintenance after the launch or off-site SEO. Maintenance/Support/SEO plans are available upon request. Any change requests submitted after launch will require a Web Maintenance Plan.


Fees, Payments & refunds:

***Any additional features desired that are not listed above will be billed at the standard rate @ $65/hr added to the final balance of the project. If the client desires to completely change the template design once production is 40% completed, there will be additional fees for development time and license fees (templates, photos, plug-ins, etc) to get the site to the same point in production.


Your Estimated Fees:

Turnkey Small Business/SEO/Maintenance Plan - $_______ one-time deposit and a monthly fee of $________for 12/mo. beginning 30 days from contract.


At the end of the term, the website is paid in full and the SEO/Maintenance services can be renewed or canceld at that time. Annuall fees for Hosting/Domain, etc will be ongoing.


The project can be canceled at any time however deposits and payments are non-refundable after production has started (or defaulting the agreement). The deposit is used to cover expenses incurred while building the website. (Developer Time, Hosting Fees, Template Licenses, Software Plug-ins, Stock Image Licenses, and other web expenses). Once website is launched and if something would cause the client to have to cancel the agreement because of finances (if on a monthly plan), all services would be suspended until payments and hosting fees are paid in full for the year or other arrangements are agreed to by both parties. ***This does not affect the website if the site is already paid for.


*Updated 1/1/18: The project is considered abandoned if the client (defaults the agreement) and/or makes no attempt to provide content or communicate with the developer within 90 days or more, and the project will be removed from the Hosting Server to eliminate additional hosting costs. The project can be restored and resumed upon reciept of payments due however a restore fee may be required.


Your signatre indicatates you have read and agree to the terms in this proposal.


Developer Signature _______________________________________________ Client Signature ______________________________________________________


All proposals are good for 30 days from the proposal date and are not guaranteed after that time expires.

DmnetSolutions does not guarantee the phone to ring

Building a website and getting a business on the internet is just the beginning and does NOT gaurantee that you will begin to be flooded with new business suddenly. DMNet Solutions is not responsible for business or the lack of business for your organization. However we have been trained and Certified in SEO and Web Design to to get your chances for success above the rest. Along with an SEO plan, you can expect your organic listings to rank much higher than the average competitors site, which is more permanent and less costly than paying for Google or Bing Ads.

***However most of our clients have experienced first or second page results on Google, Bing, and Yahoo within a few short months. If you would like to contact our SEO clients to see what they say about our services, go to our Partners Page and contact them directly.


Ranking Well Requires knowledge, Work, Time and/or Money

Most business owners don't have the "Time" to educate themselves in proper SEO strategies, much less the time to "Work" at doing it. Many owners don't have the "Money" it takes to do a full fledged Marketing Campaign with paid advertisiing. That's where we come in! Website development, graphics design, and SEO is what we spend all of our time doing, educating ourselves and keeping current on.


To build or increase traffic requires external marketing, strategies in SEO "rank building" to drive people to your website. It takes a lot of work and time. Or you can pay for it with Google PPC Ads which will get you first or second page position, but that will still only get people to the site. And without proper training, PPC Ads can cost you more money than than someone that is trained how to optimize your Ads. And it still does not make people call for your service or product. But the idea is a "Numbers Game." If enough people see your product, someone will respond in a positive way. A website is nothing more than another tool to use just like the newspaper or other marketing. None of these markets will promise a phone call or email. The key is to present your business or product in as professional manor as possible. This shows the person is serious about their business. Rather than having a do-it-yourself website or letting your grandson building your website for the experience of it.

In comparison if you put a Full Page 4 Color Ad in a Newspaper for 1 day, the cost can range from $2000 to $4000 and higher. And there are no gaurantees except that they will be delivered to a specific number of subscribers.

A website is a very small fraction of that cost and will range from $1000 and up (one-time fee) depending on the features, and you get to keep that website online as long as you pay the small annual hosting fees to the hosting provider which costs from $50 to $200 per year.

**This proposal may vary slightly dependant on the services desired.

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