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Why is Responsive Website Design Important?

Do your customers have to use a shrunken version of your desktop website on their phones? Navigating an unoptimized desktop site doesn't count as a pleasing user experience. With the stratospheric rise in smartphone use, Google rolled out Mobilegeddon, a search engine algorithm that gives priority to websites that display well on smartphones. This is why responsive website design is important.

What Is a Responsive Website Design?

A responsive website design refers to a web design technique that makes sure your website adjusts according to the user device. Such a websites scales its elements and content automatically to match the screen size. It ensures that images don't become larger than the screen width and visitors belonging to different mobile devices don't face any discomfort while accessing your page elements or reading your content. Responsive website design prevents zooming, scrolling, resizing, and panning that occur when websites are not optimized for various devices. As a consequence, companies lose potential customers who are annoyed with the poor website functionality.

Responsive Website Design

Why Choose Responsive Website Design?

Currently, the responsive website design movement is mainly centered on mobile. It is estimated that mobile traffic will increase by 700% in 2021. Invest in website design services for the following reasons:

Save Money

Due to lack of awareness, some businesses create multiple websites -- one for desktop PCs and laptops while the others are intended for mobiles and tablets. This is an expensive effort as you have to pay double for website creation and maintenance costs. A responsive website design empowers you to pay for a single website, thus saving considerable money.

Enhance User Experience

When it comes to web design, your users are the most valuable asset. Focus on what type of experience they are getting once they arrive on your website. Investing in responsive website design can ensure that you offer a better user experience as your pages load faster.

Improve SEO

Responsive website design can assist with SEO as Google itself prefers mobile-friendly websites. Along with other SEO factors, a responsive website design can boost your search engine result pages (SERPs).

Adapts to Any Screen Size

A responsive website design is beneficial due to its ability to adapt to a wide range of screen sizes. Such a design puts you ahead of your competition. Your website can cater to not only mobiles, but also IoT devices and smartwatches. A diverse audience equates to higher leads.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, a responsive website can save great deal of money, improve your ranking on Google, and convert more clients in the long run. If you are interested to make the most out of all these benefits, get in touch with us for responsive website design services.

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