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Web Design / SEO Optimization

Stop Losing Business to Your Competitors!

  • Increase search engine presence and performance from your website
  • Boost targeted buyers traffic to your website with proper SEO
  • Improve “visitor to customer” conversion (quality hits to your site)
  • Enjoy larger amounts of traffic to your website and lots of loyal customers for your business!


SEO Project Deliverables:


  • Keyword Research-analyzing the keyword phrases relevant to your website that will generate the most number of hits for your product or services.
  • Site Title Tags, Meta Description and Meta Keywords Tags.
  • Insert Image Alt Tags, and Image Title captions.
  • Design Robots.txt for search engines to crawl your site.
  • Search and fix HTML issues and errors causing low rankings
  • Google site map creation and site navigation optimization for Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
  • Optimization of the HTML code in your site including image and hyperlinks.
  • Website content writing to match optimization efforts of selected meta tags.
  • Then we compare your site with competitors of similar products or services on the web to see how you stack up in the ranks of search engines.
  • Search Engine submission to up to 100+ search engines on the internet.
  • Link development from related Directories and sites.
  • Number of Back links for Each Competitor
  • Posting Blogs, Articles, Press Releases to website, social networks, and news sites.
  • Installation of analytics tool on your web pages and receive monthly statistic reports and SEO reports in your e-mail.

Search engine Optimization Package

  • Content analysis and relevancy of your website pages.
  • Compare competitors and current ranking.
  • Meta Description, Site Titles, and Meta Keywords recommendations and insertion and other SEO strategies into your pages.
  • Image ALT Tags and captions optimization, etc.
  • Search Engine submitting to all Major Search Engines, and various Directories related to your content or products.
  • Analytics tracking installed into all optimized pages and you get monthly detailed reports of your web traffic.
  • Starting at $200/mo.

Do It Your self Package

Search Engine Visibility makes it a snap to promote your business online, increase your online visibility and make money on the four simple steps! NO technical expertise is necessary. If you can type and click, you can use Search Engine Visibility! It even works with Safari, so Mac users can enjoy the benefits, too! Still not sure? We even included the comprehensive Search Engine Visibility Help System, offering tips, guidance and detailed tutorials on search engine optimization and the search engine industry. Prices start at $19.99/mo.


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