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  • DMNetSolutions is an FAA approved for commercial aeria drone video and photo services.
  • Experience pilot with over 3 years of drone flight time .
  • Great for Wedding Shoots, Outdoor Church Events, Church & Business promos, Golf Course videos, Land Development, Real Estate, HOA Community promos, Resorts, Auto Dealer Inventory, Construction, and other Marketing purposes.
  • Now you can have an aerial drone video and photos of your event or property at a fraction of the cost it would normally cost hiring a pilot and photographer.
  • Electronic Camera Gimbal for camera stabalization & rotation to get smooth videos and multiple view angles to get that perfect shot!


Videography Aerial Drone Video
wide-angle hd aerial photos & videos
Golf Course Picture | Drone Photos
Golf Course Aerial Photo
Golf Course Promo
Aerial Video Sample (on windy day)

Pricing For A Typical Aerial Drone Photo Shoot Is As Follows:

One time charge of $100 location fee for the first hour. Each address is 1 hour site time plus 1 hour minimum charge ($85). Most shoots will not take longer than 1 hour.

During shoots we will capture up to 20 to 30 actuall minutes of video and/or images of the project, depending on what the customer is looking for. If additional time is needed at same site it will billed be at $85 per hour. All images on a CD in whatever format you choose. (jpg, psd, raw, tif, etc.)


Within 72 hours of shoot, clients will be provided with the raw unedited video. If edited video is desired with special effects including cuts, fade outs, and music are desired for a professionally produced video, editing will be billed at $85 per hour. If requested, photo retouching, enhancing, editing can be provided at a rate of $85 per hour.


Travel expenses are included with fee, within 40 miles of Ft. Myers. Past 40 miles will be charged $0.60 per mile for the additional mileage.


  • High Risk Shoot: additional $60 per hour. (Safety is always a factor, so please see our Safety page) Special realtor packages available for multiple address sites.
  • All prices are for a onetime use of images and video! Any further usage needs to be approved by DMNetSolutions. Additional usage of images or video must be discussed before they are used. Copyrights to the images or video belong to DMNetSolutions. You may purchase the copyright to the images at an additional cost.
  • *Note: Our Aerial Video Services are only available in the local SW Gulf Coast region in Florida within a 50 mile radius of Ft. Myers, FL.

Realtor Aerial Video Packages

  • Up to 1 hour on site.
  • 1:30- 4:00 minutes of edited (.mp4) HD video of exterior (only) of home and/or property.
  • Up to 10 "Still Shots" of each location.
  • Video edited complete with Licensed Royalty Free background music if desired.
  • Video uploaded to YouTube and/or Vimeo and/or suppied on 4GB class Thumb Drive or CD.
  • Titles and descriptive text can be added to the edited video if the client provides all the information that they would like to have included.
  • High risk and travel expenses may still apply.
  • Package price starting at $150
  • Special volume pricing discount is available for multiple locations (5+ locations or more) - call for a quote at 239.210.1448
  • If you would like to add audio voice over’s to the edited video, the realtor must provide the recording in MP3 format and will be added to the video at no additional cost. If you need us to record the custom audio voiceover, there will be an additional fee of $85.00 for up to 1 hour additional time at location.

FAA Compliance

There are many negative idea's and phobia's surrounding the term "Drones" and there usage. Actually drones come in many forms and serve many purposes and most are used for friendly or consumer purposes. The "drones" we operate are friendly drones. Our drones are short range with about 5-10 min. flight time. The only act besides flying they are capable of is professional aerial photography and video. They do not drop anything and only carry up to 200 grams and our photos and videos are recorded with a HD GoPro Camera and professionally edited. Their usage is strictly used in a manner productive to respecting the privacy and rights of others. We do not photograph any persons property or person in a selective way with out authorization of the client. We never fly directly over large groups of people or vehicles and are extremely cautious around homes, buildings, and other objects on the ground.


Our aerial vehicles are used for good and evolutionary purposes only. We hope you will enjoy the videos. Our drones are always operated below 400 feet and always within line of sight. Our drones never fly within 4 miles of any airport or full sized aircraft.


Safety is our top priority

At DMNetSolutions, safety is a number one priority. We work very hard to make sure our equipment is in top shape and perfect working order. Extensive maintenance and daily inspections of all equipment both before and after every shoot, helps us maintain safe and problem free equipment. If we feel that a shoot is too dangerous or might risk equipment, potentially harm property or people, we will decline the job, period. Safety is and will always remain priority one.


Safety Precautions: Safety briefings are done before flying to all present. Completion of checklists prior to operation Use of top quality equipment. Commitment to NOT fly over property or objects that pose safety risks Multiple emergency alternate landing sites identified prior to flight Radio control system safety measures are checked. An onboard failsafe system brings the engine to idle upon loss of signal We never fly in adverse weather conditions, which include: Rain, fog or smokey conditions, winds greater than 25 mph, temperatures below 40 deg or above 100 deg fahrenheit. Confirmation of safe and clear launch sites and clear climb out at approach corridors. Rigorous preventative maintenance program.


Pricing: Pricing is on a per job basis. All aerial photography shoots are different and there are a lot of things to consider. Temperature, wind speed, air condition, whether there are trees or power lines in the way, all factor in when doing aerial photography. In most cases we can give you an upfront cost by going to the site and doing a free estimate. If none of these dangers are a factor then it is really simple.


DMNetSolutions is committed to delivering the highest quality images and video, therefor the date for the shoot will always be determined and controlled by weather conditions. All prices are subject to change without prior notice.



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